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Diet Diary June 12th

Well, I'm here again today! I completely forgot about actually posting my log yesterday so I went ahead and did so today. Although this is technically 'Day 2' of my official log, in a couple days it will be officially a week since my diet. Most days I've managed to hit a little under my target calorie count, with a few days going over (and one day going way over), but I'm not too concerned about those days because I'm still under my estimated calorie count for maintaining weight. So, here's today's breakdown:

Breakfast - Sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal - 160 calories

Lunch - Jimmy John's Veggie Sub ~ 658 calories

Dinner - Frozen buttermilk waffles with syrup - 280 calories

Total = 1,098 calories

Yikes! I thought yesterday was a low number. Mostly why my calorie count is so low today is because I've been absolutely tired, and most of my time hungry was spent working anyway. There hasn't really been much of a window to eat between working and sleeping, and it turns out that Jimmy John's subs are pretty filling!

The absolute worst part was between breakfast and lunch though. I'm really used to eating eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast, but since egg prices have increased I've just been eating oatmeal I bought some time ago instead. It's not nearly as filling though, and as much as I like my first bowl I don't like it quite enough to make myself another bowl. I ate breakfast at around 7:15, then my manager called me in to work some hours. However, while I've been used to eating lunch anywhere from 11:00-13:00, I was working throughout that entire time. I didn't actually get to eat until maybe 14:45, and I was really feeling the hunger pangs by then. However, I got to make my sandwich myself and make it however I liked, so that was nice. I estimated the calories on that sub since I don't get the Veggie as is, but it's not a big deal if it turned out the sub was more caloric than I thought.

But I promptly passed out after getting home from work at around 16:00 and pretty much slept through the evening. I was still mostly full from the sandwich I had for lunch when I woke up, but I felt I really needed to eat something so I went ahead and had some waffles that needed to be eaten anyway.

Exercise was nonexistent, given that I was sleeping and working. I'm not concerned about that - lately I seem to be working out about every other day, which isn't so bad I don't think. Tomorrow I really will aim for a higher calorie count so that I can work out without worrying about not having enough to eat.

The scale says I'm losing weight, but I feel like that might just be water weight or something else, especially since it's showing more than 2 lbs lost already. I won't trust what the scale says until a few weeks in, but I do feel slightly smaller. It could be that I'm just wearing looser clothes, though; my latest order from Old Navy was a tad too large, but the clothes are comfy so I don't care. I've been drinking like a horse, though, and I think that's actually improved a lot of things. I've got a pretty bad habit of forgetting to drink water, but lately I've been buying little flavor squirters and they've made water significantly more fun. But now I've been pretty hydrated and my lips aren't nearly as chapped as usual, and my skin is actually clearing up, so I'm really happy about that.

Tomorrow I'm planning to eat some baked potatoes for dinner, which should put my calorie count at a better place. I don't really know what I'm going to do for lunch though. I'll probably just make some mac and cheese, so that should be good.

Anyway, that's all for me! Hope you all had a great day and will have a great one tomorrow!

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valmnz wrote on June 13, 2015, 6:58 AM

It's definitely a lot easier to lose Wight if you keep track of it as you are. I actually find oatmeal really filling and it sets me up for the day.

HalBLaurie wrote on June 14, 2015, 8:28 AM

Yes, I'm certainly finding that true as well. Oatmeal is surprisingly filling, but I was definitely wanting to eat a little lunch sooner than I did!