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Understanding The Importance of The Roles Played by Your Genetic Makeup and Environment

Suppose you wanted to be a social worker, would it be your genetic makeup or your environment that would help you to reach your goal? Most importantly, you would need a sufficiently high IQ to be able to study the necessary material and execute what you learned. Supposing that you have that, you still need for an institution to accept you; and you also need the required funds to cover all of the expenses you will incur if you are. Here the environment plays an important role. Having a family with monetary resources able and willing to help you to their best ability with tuition, books, bus fare, clothes, is a big factor in helping you to reach your goal. I have known students who managed to study and work hard, albeit at the expense of some much-needed sleep, and reach their goal. Their genetic makeup had the necessary components to do so; namely, adequate IQ and motivation as well as the physical and mental health to succeed.

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RonElFran wrote on June 12, 2015, 11:51 PM

For many young people there's a vital component to success beyond heredity and environment - the encouragement from others to pursue and stick with challenging goals. In my opinion, the availability of such encouragement, and of role models who exemplify it, are far bigger factors than genes in people's ability to succeed.

Communicator wrote on June 13, 2015, 12:59 AM

I wouldn't agree that "encouragement and role models who exemplify it are far bigger factors than genes in people's ability to succeed." That is part of the environment in the H x E = O , and, as such, it plays a minor role for anyone--young or old--to move forward as far as they are able. I would suggest that you rethink what you wrote. Do you think someone with an IQ of 80 and all the encouragement in the world could obtain a BA? Or, what about a 4'10" young lad with a weak frame becoming a basketball champion?