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H x E = O

Many of you are, undoubtedly, familiar with H x E = O. Most people who teach this use balance scales to illustrate this formula. In the container on one side, H eredity is put in and in the one on the other side, E nvironment. The interaction of these two (that is what the X in the formula denotes) yields the Organism, which can be a human, an animal, a plant or any other living entity. Very seldom does anyone consider such a scale to be balanced. My professor in my first year psychology class put so many weights in the environment container (food, shelter, love, friends, etc.) that it was weighted way down. I never believed him, but on tests I had to give the answers that I knew would be considered as correct. Happily, over the years, the scales, basically, became balanced. Genes have been discovered that carry the traits for many of our physical and mental traits. A gene for breast cancer is one such a gene, which is why Angelina Jolie had all her female organs removed to ensure that female genes carrying the cancer marker would not result in her getting the dreaded disease.

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MegL wrote on June 12, 2015, 6:53 AM

Yes, we are always learning about how the environment and our heredity work.