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My Opinion On The Fosters Season 3 Episode 1*SPOILERS*

For those of you who are a fan of ABC Family network, you have probably heard of the show called The Fosters. They just started season three. Well, Monday night they aired episode one of their third season. Last season, they left off on a major cliffhanger. Jesus and Mariana were involved in a car accident with their pregnant birth mother Ana who was going to give her baby to Jesus and Mariana's adoptive mothers. They said someone died in the wreck. Well..nobody did.The driver of the other vehicle, had fled the scene. Jesus and Ana were taken to the hospital by ambulance and Mariana was unharmed. We learn that episode one takes place a few weeks later. Jesus has gone off to boarding school(since the actor left the show) and Ana has a back brace, had her baby and kept her. This frustrated me. I thought it was disappointing. Having such a big cliffhanger and doing nothing with it. Brandon goes off to his music school which he only attends during the day, I have no real opinion of this. I don't care much for his character. Callie, to sum it all up, makes a huge mistake at the drop in shelter where she was volunteering. We met new character AJ. Callie helps AJ in a way she wasn't supposed to and was fired for it. I thought nothing of this. The writers always make Callie do something that lands her in the hot seat so its nothing new and I'm sure that storyline if her working there would have gotten boring anyway. Kids at school find out Jude and Connor are gay and dating one another including Connor's girlfriend..ex girlfriend I should say. She says nobody cares if they're gay, Jude gets upset and at the end of it all, we get to see a cute Jonnor scene. I have no probably with gays at all however, I just don't like Jonnor. I'm not sure if its the acting or the writing but it just seems stiff and awkward to me. Like the actors are uncomfortable or something. Then, the worst possible ending. Mariana and Callie's ex boyfriend Wyatt get drunk and have sex. I thought this was the worst part of the episode. Mariana has a boyfriend already and Wyatt just never seemed like the type of guy to do that. And correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Wyatt leave last season. I thought they said he was dropping out and was gonna go back to Indiana again. He just randomly shows up. Overall, this whole episode was not what I expected. I had huge expectations for this season especially episode one and they kinda let me down. Anyone else feel this way?

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