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Fun Day, But One Thing That Kills It..The Heat...

Hi guys,

Today June 8th in my location it is almost 7pm at the moment, and let me tell ya it is freakin hot in my home. We do have fans running around, but they don't seem to help like they should completely. We do have an air conditioner, but haven't found a way to hang it up. In the mean time otherwise it was a pretty fun day I went to my programs picnic. My mom and me met up with my program at their picnic end of the school year party, and only stayed for maybe 30 minutes. Thank goodness I went because my mom took some photos of me with friends, I got to introduce my mom to some friends, and teachers. As soon as we got there maybe 5 minutes after they offered us to eat, and I ate. They had sandwiches that were good. Another reason why I am glad I went was because they gave us these certificate papers that have compliments about us. I'm known to be polite/nice, and advocate for myself. As I am at the picnic they are getting ready to call students names to get their certificate compliment papers, and before I know it they call me. In that moment I am overwhelmed in ways that are hard to express positively. It's ok because I've made my mom cry in joy twice. I'll probably be doing this next June, and besides I will be aging out of the program by then. In the mean time, I am on Summer Vacation. I am coming back in September as I will by then have my last year in the program.

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peachpurple wrote on June 9, 2015, 8:15 AM

glad that the event went out alright but the heat, I guess only rain could help besides air cond