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Introduction for Lucky120

Hello I love meeting new people. I am actually a stay at home mother of two energetic boys and I love writing in my free time. I am working on my first book and I love getting online to blog about my favorite topics. My favorite food is steak and my favorite drink would have to be Arizona Grape. Besides writing I love to sit and just read articles and sing. I am always finding something new do do with my time. I can crochet which is really fun especially when I am looking for new patterns. I love making blankets and now I am trying to make a few hats. I have to say that no matter what I am doing I enjoy every moment of it.

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Mommyjen wrote on June 9, 2015, 1:58 AM

Hi lucky120 ! You have interesting hobbies :) It seems like you are good at managing your time. My mom taught me how crochet but it is not my cup of tea. I love crafting and upcycling stuff.

Ruby3881 wrote on June 9, 2015, 4:13 PM

Welcome to Persona Paper! I also like to crochet, and I believe we may have one or two other crocheters around too emoticon :smile:

ashuli wrote on June 24, 2015, 9:43 AM

Hi there ! Welcome to persona paper, i am sure you will enjoy writing here!

CoralLevang wrote on July 20, 2015, 4:43 AM

Welcome to Persona Paper! I am learning how to crochet!
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