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Busyness, And The Moment

Hi everyone,

I've been so busy finishing this program for the year I haven't been posting tons recently. Usually I am asleep at this hour, but due to the stupid heat in my apartment I can't sleep. Today in my location we hit about 92 degrees. Ugh. Tomorrow is gonna be worst added with another night with no sleep. Great no sleep for two nights. I'll be surprised if I am able to finally crash in the morning after I call off both morning and afternoon bus because of the heated temperature in my home. Thank goodness I am going for half day tomorrow. I am going to be so zombied out if I don't at least get 5 hours of sleep. If I am on no sleep I don't just feel zombied out, but I am also sore from it. Not fun. Anyone else not sleeping well tonight? I wish I was already asleep. Yes I am tired, but the heat is preventing me from feeling comfortable. So, I am deciding to just stay up all night because no matter which side of my rooms fan I try to feel the cool air it won't help. Anyway, so I have been finishing off the school year. Monday(tomorrow) at 11:30am this program class is going to a fun picnic for fun, and to celebrate the young adults aging out of the program this year. Once I have a half day tomorrow I will be calling off the bus the next 2 days, and then finally able to not worry about getting up. Hopefully after the heat goes away temporarily I can sleep again.

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Ruby3881 wrote on June 8, 2015, 7:29 AM

I hope things cool off for you a bit! There's nothing worse than trying to sleep and being kept awake by the heat.

iwrite28 wrote on June 8, 2015, 10:40 AM

No sleep can make you sluggish both, physically and mentally. Hope you get your sleep.