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Standing at the foot and gazing at the sky, how can you get up to the top if you never try!!!.These lines which I read as a child always haunts me and pops up when I feel like giving up or scared to any new change or opportunity.


Life to me seems like a sky train station. People and things ,opportunities and rejections, fear and joy, success and failures, love and hate everything comes and goes. Nothing remains for ever or stays for permanent. Some stay longer and some just for split second and there comes a time when all that is left on station is just you and yourself. Life keeps moving and moving ,ticking day in and day out. Time never stops irrespective of anything.

The real fun begins when you let time stand still by you being an observer rather than the doer or reactor(action or reaction).Many secrets of life are revealed then, what seemed to be curse gets understood to be boon, what was ending at that time was actually the beginning, the friend was foe and enemy was well wisher, stranger were angels and known were the real culprits.

You get surprised by how laws of nature work and sometimes how bad we react to simple things which were meant for our good. We judge people for no reason and make their images which limits our affection and kindness to grow.

I met somebody yesterday who was a stranger to me. I don’t know who she is or what she intends to or what she would get from me but just for a while I kept my senses aside and thought to see the way she looks to the world. I wanted to see how different the same world can be to someone else. She told me about herself and what her idea of fun or craziness is. I let it happen to be with her. She told what she would do if she is given a chance to spend her day idle and I joined her in whatever she wanted to do. I was with her for six hours and at the end when we departed to our ways back towards home, I was just smiling in my mind.

World has millions and millions of people and that many times different nature and personality of people, cause no two person can be same scientifically. But bottom line is we all are uniquely same .Deep down all we want is acceptance, attention and affection. You go in any corner of world and meet any person there but if you study him or her ,all she or he wants is these three things. I am no exception too. I was just amazed by such simple answer to such complexity of human psychology and human uniqueness which is my all time favourite subject to study, observe and learn.

My experience was just simply awakening. I just got affection and companionship from her and she got all the attention she needed. We both accepted the way we were cause there was no room for being judgemental as we both knew that this not something for lifetime but just for a while. Things worked well when one piece fits another exactly the same notch to make the whole puzzle look complete. The idea of possessing something really spoils the fun at times. If you just enjoy it for that very moment instead of expecting it to be forever then half of the misery would vanish on its own. Sometimes that fraction of seconds spent well with whole heart is enough for you to live years cherishing it in the mind.

Life itself is a amazing thing for me. I get surprised with such specificity, timeliness and exactness of nature working in and around us without us even noticing it each day and sometimes whole of our life. Being with People use to scare me at times cause the difference among each one of us use to haunt me and baffled me to point where I felt just so different from them. But the beauty I discovered now is that ,the opposite person feels the same way too. So somewhere deep down same thoughts and feelings are born in the minds of both individuals which makes it perfectly okay for each of them to be what they are irrespective of their social fear and sacredness of being different from the accepted group.

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cheri wrote on June 7, 2015, 11:44 PM

"everything comes and goes"
That I agree. Nothing stays permanent in this world.

lookatdesktop wrote on March 20, 2016, 11:48 AM

Inspiring. Good way to start the day, motivating.