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The Big College Drug

is a time where people , try new things, and overall get experiences. While marijuana is usually the major people think about when it comes to college, another one pops up in today's society: adderall. Adderall and other similar drugs have become popular amongst college students, especially during finals week.

While is meant for people with ADHD, students take the drug in order to stay up all night as well as to stay focused when studying (or in most cases cramming) for an exam. Though not illegal like other popular drugs people may experiment with in college, there may still be risks to the drug due to side affects, allergies to certain ingredients in the drug (though very rare), and overdoing/overworking it. Since adderall can cause a person to not feel tired or hungry so overusing the drug could cause exhaustion and etc.

Now personally, I am unclear as to the side effects of adderall (especially if you do not need/do not have a doctor's approval to be taking it) besides fatigue and exhaustion when the drug starts to wear off. Though I am sure there are articles out there for those more interested in the matter. And if you do happen to find side effects or maybe positive things about taking the drug please feel free to share!

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LeaPea2417 wrote on June 5, 2015, 12:18 PM

That is too bad that students resort to this drug to help them study all night. I just wish all people in general would stay away from all types of drugs.