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The Suburban Miracle of Baby Birdies

A mama bird built a nest on our front porch feet from the door we regularly use to go in and out of the house. Some would question her wisdom in choosing a highly trafficked location. Once the nest was complete, I spotted her sitting in the nest. It wasn't long before I got a glimpse of the nest with four speckled eggs inside. Amazing that this nest on top of an elongated box containing a hammock right near the front door was turning out to be a satisfactory home. Mama birdie came and went, and soon there was a heap of entertwined featherless babies with alien-like oversized eyes. It was only a matter of days before the birdies grew feathers and started to look like their mama. Mama would go out for food and not come back for hours; sometimes I worried she wouldn't make it back at all. One morning, my daughter noticed baby birdies outside their nest on our windowsill and on the box holding the nest. There were three of them. I guess the fourth egg never hatched. Mama birdie sat on our basketball hoop calling to the fledglings. One by one they made short hops, landing in improbable places. I took a few videos, then left them to their work, afraid my presence would scare mama birdie away and leave the babes vulnerable to predators. Within a couple of hours, mama birdie's work was finished. She and the baby birdies flew away.

Photo Credit: CarolG

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