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How My Weekend Was And Stuff Coming Up

Hi everyone,

As I am typing I am not using my mouse like I usually do. Anyway, hope everyone had a good weekend. Tomorrow is a new week. Not just that, but also tomorrow is June 1st. Crazy. What else is going to be crazy is the next day after Monday is when my best friend/first love passed away 5 years ago. Yeah last night I dreamed about the person which may be because I have been thinking about them. This evening off, and on I have had one of their songs stuck in my head that was played at their memorial. Also not only the song, but I want a video of their memorial from 4 years ago going on 5 years ago. The last time I went...I can't even explain my emotions or thoughts because I didn't know what to do. I struggled to know what to do in my life anymore at that time because I was so affected. If I think about parts of the sentence on when the person began to die even though the intensity isn't like it was for me I am not gonna lie, but parts of the sentence gives me the chills every time I think about it. Ok, 5 years ago the next Tuesday coming my life would have changed forever. My first love drowned in a creek after they had jumped in(he was a daredevil he wasn't drunk or anything). He was not afraid of anything. I've had times that I can imagine that if he never would of died from that he would of been in a car with a drunk driver maybe. Otherwise he was a good kid. From today all I have are pictures, and his memory in my heart.

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peachpurple wrote on June 1, 2015, 7:12 AM

did he knocked his head onto he deep water? So sad. Hope that he had rest in peace

AliCanary wrote on June 1, 2015, 5:30 PM

I'm very sorry for your loss. It doesn't matter that it was several years ago. of course, because that stays with us. Anniversaries can be hard, but it can be a time that we can choose to celebrate the good times that we had. Best wishes to you!

editor_20 wrote on June 1, 2015, 11:26 PM

@peachpurple Not that I know of, but I know that once he was trying to swim across he went up on surface 2-3 before he was missing & then was found the next day. Thank goodness I wasn't at the scene I can't even explain what I would of done/said about hearing him make the decision to go for a swim. The creek was super high, and fast at that time so no matter if anyone is a good swimmer the creek was dangerous because it was running fast. AliCanary I know I am not alone on this. Hey I have a poster in memory filled with more then 5 photos attached hung up in my room, and I see it everyday.