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Best strategies for success on blogging sites

I only started taking part in social media and posting blogs on sites like this about 3 months ago but have really got into it now. When I started I blindly began posting without realising that it was very important to make connections and to take time to read and view their posts as well.

So slightly older and wiser this time I will not focus so much on writing madly at the start but make sure I have plenty of interactions first.

The layout of personapaper makes it easy to see who has recently joined and also how active they are so deciding who to connect with is relatively simple.

I am still finding my way around here a bit but so far the organisation and layout look good.

Picture is my own original design

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tshively wrote on June 11, 2014, 3:30 PM

I totally agree it really makes it easy here being able to see who did what with your posts