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Most Dreadful Times In My Life Recently....

Hi everyone,

Usually I am in bed by now. Well, since yesterday I've had a heck of a time sleeping well. Somehow my face felt comfy enough to crash tonight, but my legs, and stomach refused to feel comfy. I am feeling this annoying warm, and shaking feeling in those parts of my body tonight. Either I have been stressing about stuff or I am pumped about Summer Vacation coming. As I have that moment I have my eyes closed, but I won't crash my brain races with questions. I've been really wondering if I will even go to this program next year because I am just annoyed with how parts of my life aren't feeling smooth for me. I can't wait for nights like these to go away the second week of June. Took a shower, and I feel clean, but it didn't help me crash. Sigh. It's hard to say what I've been feeling during random sleep trouble nights. Anyway. Hopefully even if I get 4 hours of sleep I still go to class tomorrow no matter what. Have work experience tomorrow morning.

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