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Why Are Some People So Scared Of Growing Old?

There are millions of people from all walks of life that spend thousands of pounds trying to make themselves look younger. They hate any sign on their body that they are getting older and they will do anything to get rid of it.

Growing older is a naturally thing so why are some people so afraid of it? More to the point why try and look younger at the expensive of your health. Botox and cosmetic surgery all carry some sort of risk and many people have died trying to get the perfect body.

We are all going to old someday so why not just accept it. People who try and prevent the enviable are just wasting money. You are still growing old on the inside and no matter how much money you spend it will also show on the outside soon enough.

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crowntower wrote on May 25, 2015, 9:20 AM

I think they are not scared but indeed is like what you said is ... "acceptance", but when I was in my early twenties I also thought about it seeing yourselves changing not for the better but changes with wrinkles and white hair is a little bit scary... but right now, I think if we are really enjoying our endurance as we journey our life... getting is old is not an issue but I can say that as we grow older with a positive outlook in life and happy heart we can't feel fear in our hearts nor notice the changes in our bodies.. but we are just looking forward and excited to face another day with our love ones and with God and start a new chapter in our lives. I think they need to see life beyond more than the superficial.

JohnRoberts wrote on May 25, 2015, 9:42 AM

I understand what you are saying in terms of appearance and employing cosmetic means of fighting age. But a primary reason for being scared of growing old is deteriorating health and body and feeling those aches and pains and not being physically able to perform as you once did.

Kasman wrote on May 25, 2015, 5:20 PM

The thing about growing old is that it doesn't come alone. It brings all sorts of health issues with it and that is, I think, what many people fear more than the outward appearance of age but looking younger may give them a morale boost and who are we to deny them that comfort?