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Last Night @1:30am-Thunderstorm & Lightning Storm*humid*

Hey everyone,

Was anyone up between midnight, and 1:30am last night? Well, I was at least. I watched at least 5 movies last night. Was just finishing my last late one. Seconds after it was just a minute done I hear a loud rumble noise from my living room wall in front of me. In seconds I kinda figured out it was thunder. Then after that I heard 2 more that were louder. It was pretty wild sounding lol. Before I know it I see this big bright lightning bolt from my patio in my face when I go on my laptop to check the weather online. Crazy cool weather. Sadly it only lasted for about 5 minutes. Thank goodness I could take advantage of a few minutes moment of the storm because we rarely get that kind of weather. It was so cool!! There were about 3 lightning bolts. When I figured out it was done I went to bed. Once my last movie was starting I could tell I was exhausted. Anyway. As you see in the photo that's how our clouds look today even though there is no storm going on. Today has just been a drizzly cloudy day. It's not humid like it was last night I'll say. It was SUPER humid last night.

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