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How to handle a teenagers rage in the home

When is it OK for a teenager growing up to be disrespectful? Never, as sometimes despite the anguish of growing up and thinking they know everything is a myth. Now I understand the temperament of adolescence is a difficult time in a home,but it still doesn't give the permission of being disrespectful to parents. When this occurs, you can be in odds with your daughter or son, but the bottom line in this conflict,is acting mature and now budge at all as a parent. Once they find a way to overcome this condition,and you have not made a point to them, that they would figure they have the upper hand in the home. Well you know what, we all were teenagers at one time, but who rules the roost,will reflect wisdom and knowledge of doing the right thing. When a daughter or a son continues to be rude and disrespectful,you have two choices,and the first one is if you don't have control in this situation, things will get worse. A parent should never be in this position from dealing with a child. The second is putting down a firm hand and you only are required to give them a bed, food on the table,a roof over there head and medical coverage. This is what to understand,and if they continue to act like this,they will lose every benefit of what they want. They will turn round fast enough,you will see. This is the power parents have to teach there child a lesson in life.

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MelissaE wrote on May 22, 2015, 7:33 AM

I am very fortunate that I have two teens who are low maintenance.