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How to tell if someone likes you

So I am into and have been reading into the ways to tell if someone likes you. Now all people act differently so it's key to know how the person is before reading them but so far this is what I have gathered about signs that someone likes you:

-They preen themselves, such as fixing their collar, shirt, or buttons, playing with their hair or running their hand through their hair, or touching their face

-Notice the spacing between you two when you two talk. They may try to keep close to you, such as when you are talking they are within your personal distance rather than a friend-distance. Our subconscious mind links physical closeness with emotional closeness so if they are comfortable with you or like you they will be close when talking to you

-When talking to you, they square up their body to face you

-Notice their feet. Which way are they pointed? If one or both are point towards you then they are engaged in the conversation. If neither foot is pointing towards you then they want to leave. This also works when far away. If their feet are pointed towards you then it shows they are keeping you in their line of sight and have a way to move towards you easily.

-They may mirror your gestures, such as if you cross your arms or shift your body they may do the same

-Eye contact. This can also occur when a person is showing respect so it may not be that they like you but just show respect towards you or interest in the conversation

-When a person is interested or having fun, their pupils dilate. Given, this sign is harder to notice since you don't really think about it when you are talking with someone

-More open, friendly body language such as parted lips, raised eyebrows, or flared nostrils

-Males may tend to shift to an upright alpha male position while females may try to thrust their chest out

-Touching, such as if the person touches your arm or leg when talking. However, this is one of the instances where it may just be their type of personality to lightly touch someone on their shoulder as they speak or laugh

-Protective gestures such as putting their arm on your elbow or lower back when guiding you through a crowd

While this is not really a major sign, one of my favorite tips is if you want to know if someone is looking at you, yawn. If you see them yawn too (since yawns are a usual monkey-see monkey-do trick) then they were looking at you :)

*Note: They don't have to show all these signs. Most of these are also done subconsciously which reveals their inner want of trying to be with you.

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