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Customer Engagement is the First Rule of Business

There's a lot more to running a these days than simply selling something or providing a service. A business owner has to be a marketer, social media specialist, webmaster and customer service handler all at the same time. No matter whether you are running a shop or a market stall, selling food, renting out rooms or crafting bespoke items of jewelry or crafts, you will build a reputation. And the way reputations are enhanced or lost these days is on social and review sites. This includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and TripAdvisor, among others. Ideally any business should have a presence on each of these locations to monitor feedback.

It’s called , and is much more important these days where a good campaign goes viral and one word out of place can be spread by social media sharing in seconds. Other aspects of customer engagement include presenting your company well on your website (no spelling mistakes now), recognizing and targeting your core market, being well-known in your local area, being able to apologize when necessary and having a good face-to-face rapport with your customers. One of my favorite local businesses manages to do most of that – the founder is a personable, hardworking guy with wit and tenacity. He’s all over social media asking for feedback and rewards regular customers with discounts and promotions.

If customer engagement on this scale all sounds too much, then the post 6 Keys to Successful Customer Engagement in a Multi-Screen, Omni-Channel World by Chris Campbell, writing on the site will help you sort out your priorities. Yes, it's long, but that's because it's detailed. Ruby specialize in providing for small businesses, and it is easy to see that combining their approach to call with the tips offered by Chris Campbell will raise a business’s across the board. Firstly, hiring Ruby’s services will take away the (sometimes time-consuming!) task of responding to customers on the phone. Secondly, because these receptionists are well trained, they will react to anything your customers may throw at them without batting an eyelid. This leaves you free to implement Chris Campbell’s customer engagement tips and be active on social media as well as building those all important face-to-face relationships with your customers.

Putting Chris’ customer engagement tips into practice will help your business move from a small company that may or may not last to a bigger company with real prospects of allowing you to be comfortable about the future. Enlisting the help of the professional staff at Ruby is sure to help along the way.

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