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One More Day To Survive Not Getting To Sleep In

Hello guys,

I've been home since 4pm. Had work experience, and didn't do too much except check if upstairs was clean. And also I watched over little kids to make sure they are playing safe. Anyway. I talked to this girl who I have some stuff in common with. I asked her if we could get together at a Taco Bell this weekend or next week, and her response was that she will get back to me. So, I am gonna see if she finds out tomorrow. As I don't have too many things to share about my day today because it's kind of like the same usual stuff. My class does have fun events coming up though. We have a zoo trip coming up next week, but I'm not going so I will be staying home that day or hanging with my mom(May 21st). And that Friday again I am not going to class. Then the week after that we don't have class the following Monday due to Memorial Day. In June we have two fun events coming up. June 3rd we're going fishing. The 8th of June we're going to have a picnic for fun, and for the adults who have aged out of this program we are going through. My last day of work experience is June 4th.

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