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The Summer Season Of TV - Yay! What Should I Watch?

My little "Yay" is a sarcastic comment aimed at Australian TV Executives. Do they think all we want to watch sport? Not, at least I don't think so. Anyway the above is kind of irrelevant because I am addressing the US people here who love TV. What should I be watching that is screening now in the US?

Sometimes I wish I lived in the United States as there is far more of a choice of what I could be watching, some of the best shows are on the box in the US in Summer. The tail end of Nurse Jackie is about to arrive and it is the last season of this wonderfully entertaining show. Also I believe Carrie is back in Homeland, and I have not caught up with that in awhile. Both shows are shown here, but this happens later on in the year and I really hate sitting through 30,000 ads every time I watch commercial TV.

There is always the illegal download option or I could just find a site where I can watch the shows on line, but it is much better when I can watch it through my flat screen and use the stereo for sound, which is why I generally choose the humble DVD. When I have no writing work to do, that is paid writing work, which there has not been enough of lately, I will spend an evening wrapped in a blanket on the lounge and watch old TV shows that I love on DVD or old movies. I love to do this.

So what about you? What do you watch in the Summer and is there anything good I could watch that I have not discovered yet? I am counting on US people to answer this question.

I recently discovered Breaking Bad, I have only seen the first three episodes, but this show looks interesting and bold and I hear it is not being made in the US any more, which is a shame. I also discovered season 1 of Love Child, and I just adored the music in this series and the characters, I will definitely be looking out for the season two DVD when summer arrives in Australia. Watching it live on channel nine would be torture, I so wish ABC had gotten this show.

So Grey's Anatomy is more or less done, just one season to go and it's dead, thanks to none other than Patrick Dempsey and then Shonda had to kill McDreamy. Drove a huge Mack truck into him actually, not pretty at all (I don't know whether I will bother with Season 12, unless things get interesting with Meredith and she does something outrageous and wins a Harper Avery or murders someone). Anyone fans of Grey's will know what I mean.

And Scandal is over as of Friday (I will miss my Olivia Pope fix). I am really over Scandal too in a way, because I am so sick of evil Daddy, for God sake Shonda just kill the bastard and get it over with. Evil Mommy on the other hand could be interesting to keep around, I think there is more to her story. This B613 nonsense has gone on long enough, let the gladiators get back to gladiating and while you are at it, get rid of the President too, I am so sick of that guy. B613 will kill him anyway, because he betrayed them. Jake and Liv, all the way.

And last but not least, my favourite show of all time Person of Interest finished Season 4 last week (will we all be destroyed by an artificial intelligence in years to come?) So it is Summer time in the US and I wonder, what shows can I live stream or download (legally of course) to watch?

Anyway that's my TV rant over with for today, catch you all next time.

Ta ta for now. Jel

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JohnRoberts wrote on May 13, 2015, 1:22 PM

It's funny. You are in Australia desiring American TV and I am in America desiring more Ausy TV to sample. Ausy shows are very rare in America. Right now The Doctor Blake Mysteries is playing. Earlier we had The Code which took place in your Canberra. Breaking Bad is an extraordinary series hailed as one of the greatest TV series ever made and rightly so. It came to an end but you have a long ride ahead of you in watching it in full. There are numerous shows just ending and coming on here. Depends on your taste and interest.

AliCanary wrote on May 21, 2015, 1:04 PM

Oh, Breaking Bad is the best--I loved that show! They were right to end it when they did, though. It used to be that there were never any new shows on in summer, only reruns, but now there are some very decent summer shows. I am looking forward to the return of The Bridge on FX and to Hannibal on NBC. Also my husband and I watch Under the Dome in the summer.