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Pretty Exciting Thing I Saw On My Adsense


As I am on my laptop I am thinking of either watching t.v or doing two more posts. Anyway. I checkout my Adsense to see if the earrings changed, and yup it's changed a bit. I'm looking at making the amount higher. And once I finished checking that I checked my paidviewpoint account for any new survey stuff. I did a survey, but that doesn't mean I've been able to cashout yet. I'm pretty half close though. Hope to find out what kind of work will go faster. Online work is slow. No offense lol. Very little money does count though because it adds up. Now I'm not sure what else to say except for I hope everyone gets through their week ok.

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WritingLover wrote on May 13, 2015, 5:00 AM

I'm trying to make us much money as I can on the internet, but its very slow.