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How My Monday Went


It's a Monday, which means we've started a new week. I'm only not happy about that because one I want to sleep in, and not see certain people. Thank goodness there is only 3-4 weeks left. I have 16 days left. Have a fun trip coming up with my class. On June 3rd we're going fishing for trout. I'm so up for going. Fish is my favorite!! The only problem is having the money. I'll have to work that out. Last night was hard to sleep well. My mind was filled with overwhelmed thoughts, and yet I could tell I was somewhat tired. I am pretty much I didn't crash until 1am or 2am. Yeah I am probably on a few hours of sleep. On my way home on the bus I kept dozing off, but I stayed up. At least I only have this week to completely survive. Next week I have 3 days of class. One day is a trip I am not going to and they will be out all day so there's no point in going to class, and then the other day is my usual not going to class Fridays. So, yeah I have a 4 day weekend next week!!

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luisga814 wrote on May 11, 2015, 10:11 PM

Sorry for reading this article late. It is already Tuesday here in the Philippines. Anyway, have a good start of the week for you.