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I'm Just Droppin' By To Say Hi!

Hey, guys, it's really late so I'm only posting and logging out. You guys probably know by now that I will eventually catch up to my comments/interacting. I need to go to bed, and I do not feel like dealing with my browser slowing down tonight. I just wanted to stop in since I have not posted in a few days.

So umm, babysitting could have went better today. I don't even feel like getting into it, it's the same old stuff. The little ones are going through their terrible two's, and the older one kept whining. I love those kiddies to death, but like I could have went better.

I was behind on my writing, and then went to get my hair cut. I went to the Hair Cuttery instead of the usual barber shop, since I had a ride. It took FOREVER. There were only two people working and I think everyone ahead of me wanted their hair styled. Sooo, next time...I'm going to the barber shop. I just wanted a hair cut and nothing more, and I can get that at the barber shop and not have to wait forever.

I got home and worked through my crankiness to finish up my assignments. I hit my daily and weekly quota, and I needed it after the last few weeks being slow. I'm finally done and will be heading offline in a few minutes.

Oh, I did get my Randy Orton "Venom In My Veins" wristbands today. And when I bought a pack of the WWE Dog Tags today, guess who I got? Yep, Mr. Orton. Yay! :D

I don't know if I'll be online tomorrow, as I am going to a family Mother's Day cookout. I just wanted to give you all the heads up. Anywho, I'm starting to ramble and probably not making much sense, so I'm out of here. You all have a good night and a great weekend, and take care. :)

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iwrite28 wrote on May 9, 2015, 5:35 AM

Hope you enjoy Mother's Day cookout.

ViperGirl85 wrote on May 11, 2015, 5:42 PM

We all did, thank you so much. :)