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Hello Quiet Friday Night

Ah the love of a low key Friday night is wonderful. Most of the day today I've been at the post office, grabbing a frappucino, and catching up on things. This weekend I plan on doing much more of that and getting a lot of overdue things in motion. Most of them involve catching up on reading as a lot of my stuff I want to do involves me and catching up on reading. I'm trying to get back into my writing game more on Persona Paper and not let months go by here again. I enjoyed writing the last post I did talking about my reading challenge and so forth, writing actually got to be fun on here. I'm still keeping tabs on Bubblews but not in the serious degree I once did, it's more I see what is happening every few days or so and then wander off. I miss the energy there that once existed but I'm seeing more of that same energy happening here on Persona Paper lately. Especially since the owners here are keeping us in the loop at all times with their busy schedules and so forth, I love that so much. That's great to see.

I did get a little discouraged for awhile on the writing scene online as things started to slow to a crawl but now I'm finding I miss it. I like writing about my life online and so forth so it is why I'm making more of an effort to write more about things again. In the midst of a lot of craziness I had happen, now things have settled to the point where I'm enjoying life and in turn want to write more again outside of just my general writing. I'm back in the game.

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AliCanary wrote on May 9, 2015, 4:38 PM

I'm glad to have back here, as this is really a much better place to write, in my opinion. I cashed out last week, and they paid me within three days! They are very trustworthy, and that's the most important part. Now you need to go visit a lot of people and leave comments for them so that they will know you are here emoticon :smile: