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Busy These Past Few Days...Fell Behind On Posting..

Hi everyone,

My life has been so busy. Thank goodness there is only 5 weeks of class left for me, and 19 days left. Yesterday I did work experience that was a fair amount of hard work. For the first time I'd vacuum in a building. I'm always trying to keep up with keeping my home clean with my mom, class schedule, errands, YouTube, and relaxing. So much to balance lol. Back when I was just a little kid there was nothing to do, time was slow and there was nothing to worry about. That's changed since I'm all grown up. As you get older life falls on you. You have responsibilities, decisions, time to manage. It's gotten so tiring. Today though I am not really stressed because I took a day off of class.

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WritingLover wrote on May 8, 2015, 5:25 PM

Yes sometimes life does get in the way of writing lol

MelissaE wrote on May 8, 2015, 9:08 PM

Well, it is difficult to post and read and write. I find that the writing relaxes me.