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ProTravelPLUS: discount travel and a residual income

Regular readers will know that I enjoy sharing the latest network opportunities. There's always someone who can make these things work, even if I'm better off writing about them than actually signing up myself.

ProTravelPLUS is the latest network marketing opportunity to come to my attention. It's still in pre-launch phase, with the official start scheduled for May 15. With this scheme you are signing up people for on travel, hotels and car hire. When you join, you receive $500 in vouchers. Membership costs $34.95 a month and members will earn initially from those who sign up after them - their ‘genealogy’. The from the vouchers cover the cost of the first year's membership - and by then the idea is that members will have made much more than that.

It doesn't surprise me that someone has finally thought about pairing with network marketing. Everyone loves a good and everyone loves a discount so the idea of pointing people in the direction of travel discounts and being paid for it is pretty smart. Combine that with the power of the internet and booking and it's a pretty hefty industry.

ProTravelPLUS promises access to some of the best around, including up to 45% off trips to some destinations. Of course, this is the headline price and average savings are likely to be much less than this, but, still, a saving is a saving and if you are one of those who likes frequent holidays or has to widely and on a for work, this could be for you. Not only do you save money on your travel, you also make money at the same time.

With ProTravelPLUS marketing scheme, begin immediately and it is perfectly possible for members to earn right from their sign up, thanks to the unique structure where people who join after them are assigned to their matrix of earners. Of course, it is also hoped that members will sign up of their own but if the model works as it appears to in practice, it is perfectly possible to make money without signing anyone up.

The travel savings available cover anything from booking a long weekend of r&r to a once-in-a-lifetime luxury break. A thought has just occurred to me that a newly engaged couple could sign up to ProTravelPLUS on engagement and not only save on the cost of their honeymoon, but also raise funds to pay for it too.

Once you sign up for free, you can access much more information about the opportunity, including estimated rates of pay, analytics and different ways to earn (not many network marketing schemes have five ways to earn). Plus you will begin to understand the power of leverage in a business. If you choose to take your interest further, your privileged place in the queue is held for only a few days while the company tries to entice you in with emails telling you how many people are signed up under you, how many are already paid members and therefore how much you would earn if you joined as a fully paid up member yourself. It’s an interesting way for new mums, tech-friendly retirees, freelancers, work-at-home employees and students to earn an income, or even a bit extra. Anyone with limited time and a need for sounds like the target for this opportunity. I guess you could use it to help pay down debts, pay off a mortgage or loan early, and get a discount holiday out of it as well.

Why not sign up for more information and see what this system could do for you?

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Soonerdad3 wrote on May 8, 2015, 7:56 PM

Yes it is not surprising that the travel industry is a new target for Internet Marketers. I once was trying to get involved in IM, but I just did not have the wherewithal to stick with it.

AliCanary wrote on May 9, 2015, 4:56 PM

Oh, no, I'm not much into the multi-level-marketing, or as I like to call it, "pyramid schemes".

WordChazer wrote on May 10, 2015, 5:42 AM

I'm not either, but there's always someone who makes these schemes work. Horses for courses, I guess. Even with social media, different platforms suit different people. I like Twitter, but I know there are those here who swear by Pinterest. Some people can make a lot of money with MLM. I may well be able to make mine by writing about it!