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Do something good for the health of your eyes with vitamin A

The eyes are the most important sense of the body and a good eyesight enables us to work fast and efficient and appreciate the beauty of colors and shapes, of nature and of technology. With sharp eyes we can work with the computer, drive cars and recognize text, shapes and people from a high distance. So it is important for us to care for our eyes, we can do that with healthy food that contains form of beta-carotene, also called vitamin A.

Beta-carotene – A strong antioxidant

Beta carotene is a very strong anti oxidant very important for the eyes, but also important for other parts of the body. The antioxidant is available in different forms, the most common form of it are Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Those two forms of beta carotene are many times stronger as Vitamin C, one of the most common antioxidants. This doesn´t mean however that Vitamin C replaces Beta Carotene. Body Carotene has other tasks in the body as Vitamin C, but if some bad processes go on in the body, Beta Carotene can neutralize them just as Vitamin C and other antioxidants. The main task of Beta Carotene however is protecting the eyes and maintaining the normal eyesight of the eyes.

Zeaxanthin – Maintaining sharp vision

The antioxidant Zeaxanthin is responsible for a sharp eyesight. High concentrations of that antioxidant are present in the yellow spot, the part of the eye with the sharpest vision. Zeaxanthin improves the ability to see sharp and fast. This doesn´t mean that a lot of Zeaxanthin will permanently improve the vision, it will just allow the eye to operate at peak efficiency until the antioxidant is used up. People who don´t get a lot of Zeaxanthin through their food might find out that their eyes don´t work at peak efficiency, however the effect is not very strong. It is noticeable though and food rich in Zeaxanthin can improve the vision until the antioxidant is used up. In my personal experience the antioxidant has an effect of one to two days until the levels of Zeaxanthin return to a normal state. Naturally there is always Zeaxanthin in the macula of the eye, but the amount of it increases when food with the antioxidant is consumed on a regular basis. Another important effect of Zeaxanthin is that it helps to prevent or protract a Macula Degeneration. This means that the vision will stay sharp for a longer period of time.

Lutein – The other Beta Carotene

Lutein si another Beta Carotene that works differently as Zeaxanthin. It is often referred to as Vitamin A, although the effect of this antioxidant is as powerful as the effect of Zeaxanthin. Lutein mainly improves the vision at night. It appears in high doses in carrots, while Zeaxanthin doesn´t. Besides improving night vision Lutein works like a filter and reduces the amount of UV-light that reaches the eyes. This way it protects our eyes, too and is important for maintaining a healthy eyesight til high age. The filter effect of Lutein might not be as strong the one of good sunglasses, though, so it is good to wear sunglasses when practicing winter sports. For normal doses of sunshine Lutein can do a good job filtering UV-light. Even without sunglasses Lutein will protect the eyes to a certain degree.

Which food contains those powerful antioxidants

The powerful antioxidants Zeaxanthin and Lutein are most common in green salad, pepper of all colors, potatoes and corn. Especially many sorts of green salad contain high amounts of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which is the reason why green salads are very healthy for our eyes and the entire organism. Potatoes and corn are great sources for Zeaxanthin, corn probably has the most Zeaxanthin of all foods, except some flowers. The amount of Zeaxanthin in corn is very high, which is the reason why corn is very healthy for the eyes. Corn is defiantly more healthy for the eyes as carrots, since they mainly contain Lutein. Tomatoes contain Lutein aswell, but not a lot of Zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin will improve sharp vision when taken regurarely, while Lutein will filter UV-radiation. As you see, it is easy to include food rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthin in our diet. Besides that green salads, pepper, tomatoes, carrots and corn are very tasty and healthy.

Beta Carotene in various forms can also be found in various types of barriers, apples, and citrus fruits. Oranges and mandarins contain high amounts of those antioxidants.

Other effects of Lutein and zeaxanthin on the body

Lutein and zeaxanthin are very powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and toxic substances in the body which main come from unhealthy food, alcohol, cigarette smoke or polluted air. they help keep the organism healthy and have positive effects on the immune system of the body. Good antioxidants for the immune system are also vitamin C and flavonoids, that are common in black and green tea, bitter chocolate and various fruits and vegetables. For more information about flavonoids expect more articles in the future.


Lutein and Zeaxanthin are strong antioxidants of the Beta Carotene group which help maintain a healthy vision til high age. They improve the sharpness and contrast of our vision and protect our eyes to an extent from UV-radiation. Besides that they have a positive effect on our body and are common in tasty vegetables and fruits. Eating a lot of salad from young age up can maintain the perfect vision of our eyes in young age for a long time. It is also possible to it some flowers that have high amounts of Zeaxanthin. One example here are marigolds. When consuming Beta Carotene, you should eat too much. Too much means 5 portions of salad per day for example, which is hardly possible.

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