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Other Side of the Door

So as you may have heard, I've been looking into writing prompts to get myself to write more... So this one is basically Write for 15 minutes using the following phrase as your first line... “The locked door fascinated and puzzled her.”

The locked door fascinated and puzzled her... She had to get inside... She had to know what was inside... She watched that door daily, yet it's secrets were still unknown... People would often pass her by as they entered or exited the door... They never spoke to her... They never even looked at her... It was almost as if she did not exist... One night she even swore that one of the people had walked through her... But that never happened, she was tired that night, it had to have been a dream... It seemed as if time had stopped... She no longer knew what day it was... One night a man came through the door... He was an odd man... His clothes looked funny to her... She giggled... He looked right at her... She wave to him... He screamed and began banging on the door... When it opened he begged the man who had opened it to let him out... This was her chance to see on the other side of the door... She quickly got up and tried to slip pass the men... Though there was plenty of space she could not seem to be able to get through the door... She tripped and fell into both men... Promptly passing through both... Only one seemed to notice...

Yeah so, the 15 minutes are up and I'm not sure where I was going with this or even if I ever intend on finishing it... As you can probably guess the girl is a ghost... Anyways, here it is and hope you enjoyed it.

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