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We walked around the yard and checked out my little gardens.

My wife and I took a 10 minute stroll through the yard together. She noticed that the two shrubs planted last year were double in size and that the two most recently planted were doing well and not far behind.

The blackberries will be plentiful but I fear the grackles will have them for lunch one day in mid summer along with the few tomatoes that right about now could use the help of a few stakes or poles to keep them upright. I am not happy to see that the marigolds are no longer in bloom for now at least.

The man across the alley is pounding on something with a hammer. He's always doing in his back yard. the newly mowed lawn was easy on the feet and on the eyes. I gave my wife a hug and after a few minutes of looking around at the roses we both headed back to the front porch steps and I headed for the computer to write a few articles and drink more of the cold iced tea she made us earlier today. We both enjoyed a fine spring day together. The movie with Liam Neeson called A Walk Among The Tomb Stones, was a bit of a downer though.

I'm playing music by Norman Brown, After The Storm and just chillin myself. That's about it really.

Image Credit » pencil facing right by A. P. Davis

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MegL wrote on March 1, 2016, 4:18 PM

That sounded relaxing and good fun.