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My Start To The Weekend..........

Hi everyone,

Here is another post for you to see. So far, I haven't done much except have cafe mocha from home. Did some work on here today. Waiting to hear back from Postmates. Looking for jobs on Craigslist. Haven't ate at all today. I will make up for that once we get more groceries today. At least I have time to do fun stuff, and relax. To change the topic, I wish I had enough money to go to that Starbucks happy hour deal that goes on until Mother's Day. There is coffee at home so I can live, but I would like to try out different Starbucks drinks. Starbucks is my favorite. Something I forgot to mention that I can come up with in a post. Randomly I woke up at 6am again, then 8am. The first time was only because this stupid woodpecker decided to make racket from the wall outside my rooms window. Boy was that irritating to hear!! I lightly smacked my window to try to startle it so it flies away, but nope it just sat still. Then as I try to go back to bed I am lucky to get another hour or two to sleep because it makes the noise again. Sigh!! I wanted to smack that thing.

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