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Cafe Mocha Time Video I Uploaded Last Night!!

Hi guys,

Last night I wanted to make a new video. Well I actually made two, but I'm not sure if I am uploading the second one or not. Either way, I do have a new video up from last night for you guys to check out!! You will see the link when you look at this post. I know that I am happy Summer vacation is on it's way here that way I don't have to get up at 7:30am anymore(adult program I am in)until September unless before then I have a job that will require me to get up at that hour. Anyway. The cafe mocha drink was yum!! Thank goodness I can use up the flavors for the KEURIG we have because for weeks to a month it wasn't acting normal when it pours liquid out, but somehow my brother ended fixing it. Most likely it was clogged. That figures we often forget to drain all the water out lol.

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