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Gevalia Coffee Review

So I got a free packet of Gevalia House Blend medium roast coffee in the mail... Honestly I prefer the darker coffees so I didn't really expect much from this coffee... I opened it and the basic coffee smell hit, it was nothing special really, just coffee... So I brewed it up and I don't really have much to say... It was good for a medium coffee but honestly it didn't really taste any different from the other medium roasts out there... It was good, it was free, it took care of my coffee fix for some time but over all I have had better... There isn't really anything truly special about this ground coffee except for the fact that it was free... Would I recommend it? Truth be told, not really... Like I said there are better out there, for the price of one of the bigger bags of this I would suggest the Dunkn Doughnuts coffee or a good old can of Folgers.

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