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I just had to put the 'weirded out' there. Can't believe that these are my thoughts on a normal day. Or these are my normal thoughts on a weirded out day. Before I know it, I'll be hearing little voices in my head talking about doomsday predictions once again... only this time, their 'end of the world' prophecies will come to fruition. I guess I better start watching those Nat Geo 'Doomsday Preppers' episodes again. Come to think of it, I better start scratching off some activities in my bucket list, lest I be left with a pocketful of activities not done and more than a handful of regret and despair.

Now, why would an end of the world apocalyptic post be of any good to anyone in the site? Uhmmm... I'm not so sure as well. Perhaps I could turn this post into a '2015 May Plans in Persona Paper' and put this post under 'Persona Paper' instead. Let's try shall we?!!!

So, yeah, here is my step by step guide in achieving my 156,732nd redemption for the last 356 minutes and 72 days of my online writing career. Ta you ready? It is no rocket science. Read on and find out:

* Post articles
* Read articles by other PPers
* 'Like' articles by other PPers that I like
* Leave comments in articles by other PPers
* Follow other PPers whom I haven't followed yet

Then, I repeat the process until I get to $20. Great plan right? Does anyone think I should get this Persona Paper plan trademarked so I can keep rights to it? They even might make a movie out of it... and then the royalties would come in. A soundtrack isn't too far behind as well. I'd definitely have Daft Punk, Lisa Ono, Stevie Wonder, and Cypress Hill involved. Plus, perhaps a novel or two and then a tv series. Plus merchandise materials like shirts, mouse pads, posters, tumblers, and potty training kits!

So, as not to be considered selfish, I'm willing to receive a considerable amount of money on anyone who wants to partake and ride the money train of my Persona Paper action plan. If you are interested in this once in a lifetime offer, feel free to send in big bucks to my PayPal address at $

So what are you waiting for?!!!

Sign up now!!!

If you sign up now, i'll throw in another invention of mine. It is a wonderful piece of nylon that you can use to dry your clothes. Just put your clothes on the nylon string and put the nylon string (along with your clothes of course) under the heat of the sun and let the magic and science of my clothes drying nylon string help you dry your clothes!

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MegL wrote on April 28, 2015, 1:25 AM

PayPal said it couldn't find the yahoo address, "$"! emoticon :winking:

peachpurple wrote on April 28, 2015, 1:48 AM

i did the same steps as you had did but I earned 5 cents only. Maybe I have to spend 7 hours per day to reach $1!

RonElFran wrote on April 28, 2015, 11:41 AM

I was interested in your list of musicians you want on your sound track. The only one of them I ever heard of before is Stevie Wonder. Shows my age, doesn't it?

inertia4 wrote on April 28, 2015, 1:08 PM

allen0187 I come here when I can. I will no partake of any challenges. Because if I don't follow through I feel bad. I have earned here pretty quickly, but like I said I don't spend enough time here to see if I could earn much better.