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Basketcase - Captcha Challenge

When I first saw this captcha, 'basket case', the first thing that came to my mind was Green Day's lead single off their commercial debut album 'Dookie'. The band's song 'Basket Case' peaked at number one in the Modern Rock charts and it stayed there for a good five weeks. Admittedly, this is the song that gave the band their big break in the mainstream music market. Green Day vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong wrote the song during his serious bouts with anxiety.

Anyway, 'basket case' originally was a military term and it was used to describe soldiers who have had their four limbs amputated that they had to be 'carried' in a basket for mobility. Talk about a creepy meaning!!! Nowadays, though, the term basket case refers to an organization or thing that doesn't function properly. It is hardly used to describe people but I have heard it often used on people who are in a completely hopeless condition.

To use in a sentence, 'The 'B' site is a complete basket case!'. LOL!

Do you know someone or something as a complete 'basket case'?

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motrojam wrote on April 23, 2015, 4:24 AM

Hahaha. you had to use the "B" for that.