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Skynet Is Watching - Captcha Challenge

Another to keep the ball rolling...'Skynet is Watching' is what I got. Love the 'Terminator' reference here. Kudos to whoever thought of including this in the captcha checklist. Shows a lot of creativity, imagination, and out of the box thinking. Plus it really helps us users look forward to the captchas that we get for posts such as this. LOL!!!!

Anyway, for those that are too young, Skynet is the artificial intelligence system in the Terminator movies. It was meant to control all of the defense system including the nuclear arsenal of the United States. Soon after it was activated, it gained self-awareness. The military tried to shut down Skynet and Skynet saw this as threat and then it launched a nuclear strike at key cities around the world. Eventually, Skynet saw all humans as a threat and started hunting down humans.

With all the technological advancement we see in our world today and knowing human folly, it seems that what happened in the movies can happen as well in reality. Of course, that is a scary thought, I doubt if we'd have our very own terminator to protect us. Incidentally, there is a new 'Terminator' movie out entitled 'Terminator: Genesys'. Not sure when it will be shown but I'll definitely watch it.

Do you ever thought that what happened in the movies can happen in real life?

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