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Look Both Ways - Captcha Challenge

'Look Both Ways', so goes the captcha for this challenge.

Very simple yet very effective reminder on how we deal with matters in our daily lives.

Possibly, the first lesson my folks taught me when outside, before crossing a street, 'Look both ways. Make sure there are no incoming vehicles and when there are none, go ahead and cross the street.' I took this advice by heart. Whenever I crossed the street, even though the traffic light is on 'red' and the 'Walk' sign is lighted up, I'd look both ways and when I was sure that there were no vehicles, only then would I cross the street. I did this even for one-way streets... kinda funny really, now that I thought about it.

In life, I'd be as cautious... look both ways before making the decision. Big or small, I'd look at my options, look at the intersection or the crossroads, whatever analogy suit you... and I'd make sure that i had a clear path before treading on. Seems to have worked for me so far. I'm not saying it is the end all and be all... just saying look both ways before crossing the street... or crossing someone... or making the decision, big or small.

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