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The Bachelor Party

So a good friend of mine is getting hitched (What an idiot!!! He will soon realize the meaning of the word 'regret') and despite his protests, we, his close friends, threw a bachelor party for him (aside from pleading with him to not get married!!!). Usually, bachelor parties here in the country are one-night affairs wherein we get the boys, the soon to be (dead) groom, and a couple of 'entertainers' (another word for $tripper$) in one room and have some clean and not so clean fun.

However, we did things differently this time, instead of one night, we went on an out of town adventure and finished it off with a night of debauchery in one of the newest hotel-casino in town. Four days and three nights of bliss and make believe single-blessedness. We went to an undisclosed beach resort were we did some swimming, wake boarding, and scuba diving in the day and then partied like rock stars at night until the break of dawn. Partying included excessive drinking, 'entertainment', more drinking, and more 'entertainment'. That happened in the first night. We tried to recreate some scenes from 'Wolf Of Wallstreet' as our funds would allow it. My only concern was that instead of 'Wolf of Wallstreet', we might end up like 'The Hangover' and lose the groom somehow. Good thing that didn't happen.

I would have posted more photos but not everything was PG-rated. Will just leave you with an appropriate one on our last night at the hotel casino. 'Little Nicky' was playing and Reese Witherspoon's character was welcoming his son, Little Nicky, to heaven. The exact opposite is what our friend should expect once he gets hitched and he'll need lots of booze to get through with his new 'life'! LOL!

Photo is mine.

Image Credit » Photo is mine. Our bachelor party playground, Solaire!

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MegL wrote on April 21, 2015, 2:27 AM

Gosh, he must be going into a forced marriage if it took a party like that to send him off! LOL