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WTF News?!!! - Third Edition

News round up - the WTF?!!! Edition.

News that I really don't care about but still heard, read, and featured in various publications, sites, and other forms of media. News that is too hard to ignore so decided to just make a post about these 'news' instead!


Video of boy band members smoking pot inside a car was leaked.

Again, what the...

I know this boy band is immensely popular at least to their fans... screaming, shrieking, young, impressionable fans... so it really isn't a good idea to record oneself while smoking pot.

Smoke pot = good idea

Record yourself smoking pot = bad idea

Leak the video of you smoking pot = worst idea in the history of worst ideas

I mean, let me put it this way, if was that young and I had that money, I'll probably smoke far worse but I wouldn't be caught doing it on video.

Again... I don't care!!!


Free Wi-Fi in Metro Manila and no expiry of mobile phone loads.

Yes, please. Kinda surprising that a city that is so active in social media actually lags behind in internet speed and pays the most expensive fees for call, text, and data plans.

This is actually a news that I care about even though the senator behind such bills is clearly just pushing this for the media mileage. The WTF is for the companies who monopolize the industry but give out really crappy service!!!


The various versions of corruption cases being thrown by members of warring political parties at each other is another WTF?!!! News to me. Clearly, people are trying to muddle the issue, I say, investigate all of those implicated and jail those proven guilty. I know easier said than done so just to make it easier, I say we do a 'Hunger Games' Corruption Scam edition. Give everybody in all the various corruption cases two hand held weapons of their choice (except guns mind you). Put them in an island, get all local tv networks to cover the festivities, and let's all have a good old fashioned blood bath. Everyone who dies and doesn't make it forfeit 50% of their assets to the state plus their relatives and known associates are prohibited to hold any public office position for the next 500 years. Last man/woman standing is declared the winner but he/she forfeits 50% of all his/her total assets to the coffers of the nation and all charges are dropped but he/she and his/her relatives and known associates cannot hold any government position for life.

Sounds like good tv to me plus if makes it easier delivering justice.


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