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Dealing with setbacks

Hi! I am taking a constructive breather, trying to calm my nerves and plan the rest of my day.

I had planned on writing for a while after my mile walk on my treadmill. I opted to stay home today versus go the

library and work.

I should have went to the library.

I am not kidding. We have two laptops, and neither one is working. Ugh! Our oldest one I bought in 2009 and it has

broken at the hinge so it is in two pieces. The newest one as hacked months ago and was cleaned but still stalls, freezes,

basically will not function right. And I am supposed to be accomplishing writing goals! Aye!

I am not good with setbacks. I know they happen. I can deal. It will work out. I just need to breathe and get over the

hurdles of the day. Now I am on my husband's Nextbook, which hurts my eyes. Oh well.

I can write by hand and type later, if I have to.

To quote my favorite movie, "after all, tomorrow is another day." Cue music. I feel better already.

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