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Azkals Win!!! - Blast From The Past Series

going for another post from my blast from the past series.

back in the early part of 2011, philippine football was in an upswing, thanks to the philipine azkals bannered by the younghusband brothers, chieffy caligdong and a slew of other fil-foreign players.

it was in july when the philippines went up against sri lanka in their fifa world cup qualifiers. it was a great win for the philippine azkals against the brave reds from sri lanka. they won the second leg 4 - 0 to finish with an aggregate score 5 - 1. the strikers of the local team had their way against the defense of the hapless sri lankans. the first goal was scored by caligdong at the 19th minute and then before the 1st half ended, phil younghusband scored again at the 43rd minute. when the 2nd half opened, the azkals kept pressuring the sri lankans and scored two more goals, one coming off a penalty kick by phil younghusband.

with that win the azkals move on to the next round in the fifa world cup qualifier. it was my first time to watch football live at the rizal memorial stadium and the crowd was a sight to behold. the kaholeros , the drum and bass cheering squad of the azkals was in full force. celebrities were in attendance as the philippine azkals were gaining popularity at that time. there was also a big philippine flag that was being passed on through the crowd - its as if the philippine flag was doing its own version of crowd surfing!!!

that was indeed a sight to behold!

have you done crowd surfing before?


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luisga814 wrote on April 9, 2015, 2:44 AM

Congratulations for the win. Actually I am not more fun of watching football but please extend my congratulations to them.

JohnRoberts wrote on April 9, 2015, 10:12 AM

In the US, the wave used to be the popular thing to do in the stands especially at baseball games.