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Can an introvert be a passionista?

Hi. I came across the word passionista recently and it got me thinking. Can I, a true blue introvert, call myself a passionista?

First of all, I love the word. Don't you? For me it conjures up images of a vibrant, outgoing and powerful woman.

What image does it draw up for you?

Here's where my trouble began. I saw myself at odds with the definition. I see myself as quiet, serious, not a seeker of the limelight.

I gave it further thought. I realized something. Something big.

I was limiting my perception of myself by my own definition of a word! How silly was that!

It stopped me, that realization. I have been on a journey of learning to accept myself my whole life, and recently have

given my dreams the attention they deserve. I took my self-confidence up a notch and deepened my faith. So why did that word

passionista, take hold of me?

I looked again at how I saw myself. I looked deeper. Here is what I discovered. I am passionate about certain issues and beliefs.

I work toward a goal once it gasp taken root in my soul. I feel everything deeply. Now, could I not apply those to my own definition

of what makes a passionista? If it is all about passion and vibrancy, then I definitely say yes. What I do is exhibit my feelings

and opinions differently. I approach life in my own way, with passion.

I am my own brand of passionista.

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maxeen wrote on April 7, 2015, 4:14 PM

Elvis was an introvert! Strange how lots of public performers are.

kimberlydub wrote on April 10, 2015, 3:02 PM

I love that. Just shows you something about life Thanks

Deema wrote on April 12, 2015, 5:46 PM

Wow, truly an inspiring post. Never heard of the word before though, makes me think of somebody who engages in passionate relations lol...