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The Latin Song " Regina Caeli Litaera"

It is very common in the Easter celebration. The angels sing songs of worship. It's a happy celebration commemorating the Resurrection of Christ. We did a lot of practice but taken aback when the priest asked us if we know what we're singing. Apparently, I don't understand Latin songs. All the songs we are singing are part of the tradition Easter celebration our parents sang when they were still alive. I still sing the songs today because people are asking my family to lead the celebration.My Mom was a choir and was well-versed with Latin songs and we learned from her.

Well, Regina Caeli Litaeri is a song of rejoice. It is celebrating Virgin Mary's happiness because Jesus had resurrected. That's all I know; and so today I am starting a research looking for the meaning of each song in the Internet. Hopefully, I will find something that explains these songs.

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