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The Filipino Ideology Part 2

The Americans are as influential as the Chinese and the Spaniards to the Filipino ideology. There is no doubt that they were the ones who taught us to run our government in a democratic way. Aside from that, they also gave us their kind of educational system. So democracy and the educational system (science and technology) are gifts coming from the American colonizers. Since science and technology came from them, we tend to think like them when it comes to systematically analyzing problematic situations. Politically, we are trying to imitate the way they are running their government through a democratic framework even if we know that democracy may not be suited to distinct cultural traits. Since Filipinos are known to be hard headed and undisciplined, some experts say that democracy would only worsen our condition. Democracy would only tolerate our undisciplined nature that would affect our entire social system. And dictatorship could be the possible solution for it. It is really hard to find the true ideology for the Filipinos because we were confused by the deep influenced of much stronger nations in the past. These nations have very concrete notions of their own ideology. I think it is about time that we develop our own national identity and ideology. Admittedly, it is a tedious, gradual and a long process. But it has to start now and by everyone. Definitely, this is one of the things that would make our nation progressive. One national ideology would mean cooperation and a united Filipino nation. Whatever that ideology is, we have to find it as a nation and as soon as possible.

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Alexandoy wrote on April 7, 2015, 6:23 PM

Sometimes I wonder how people can say that their culture is like that or like this. It is generalizing?