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It's almost time for bed! Well, at least on my end it's time for bed. I just wanted to post a quick little "Goodnight Post."

I'm getting closer and closer to the $3 mark on here, which isn't a lot, but still cool for me. I really need to step my game up, as I said before. :)

I did wind up working right through WWE Raw tonight. I didn't miss Raw, I just had to pay attention to my work and the show, but I also had to be careful not to mess up my work. I basically had to half-watch it unless my favorites were on. I hate it when that happens, but it's my own fault for not buckling down and focusing earlier today. I did finish everything though.

We didn't babysit and of the munchkins today, and we only have the girls tomorrow since my best friend is off work. We'll have all three of the kids on Wednesday, but they should all be gone by 4:00-4:30pm-ish. We only have the girls on Thursday, and then all of them again on Friday. It's sort of an easier babysitting week, so there is really no excuse not to focus. I may just work in the basement tomorrow, but sometimes it gets uncomfortable down there, so maybe not lol. But we'll see how I'm feeling.

I ordered a keyboard and a new case for my tablet. I don't care to try and work on my laptop while I'm babysitting, because sometimes I have to get up every few minutes... and you may know how annoying that can be with a laptop on my lap. Let's not forget the fact that having my laptop running all day is just a no-no, and then on some weekends I don't feel like getting it out. Sooo, the keyboard and my tablet should make it easier to at least start on my writing or blogging, or to just surf the 'net on weekends where I'm not in the mood to get out the laptop. It should arrive tomorrow so we'll see how it works. The case it comes with is pink, by the way, lol. :D

I'm thinking of upgrading to a smartphone since Tracfone has released them within the last year or so. Well, it's not really an "upgrade" - I have to pay for the phone. But it's all good, because it separates the talking, texting and data minutes, triples the minutes I add to my phone and I'm on a monthly plan. :) I haven't made the decision yet, but I want to do it before my WWE SummerSlam trip in August. I have a few months. I may wait until June or July and let my minutes (I'm on a monthly plan) build up before transferring them over haha. ;) Plus I like to research electronics before making the purchase. Like I said, I have a few months to decide, I don't HAVE to do it right now.

So I'm sort of caught up with my interactions on here and Bubblews, but I still have a tad bit of catching up to do...if that makes any sense lol. I'll catch up though, guys, don't worry. :)

Alrighty, it's getting late so I'm wrapping this up. I need to make one more post elsewhere and hit the hay. You all have a great night/morning and take care. :)

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AngelSharum wrote on April 7, 2015, 11:19 AM

Hope you have a good day today with whatever you do. You life sure is busy.

ViperGirl85 wrote on April 7, 2015, 1:13 PM

Thank you! :) I'm only busy during the week, which is why I enjoy the weekends so much lol.