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How To Make Easter Lily Tincture

That lovely Easter Lily you may have received or purchased over the recent Holiday has more uses than to just sit around looking pretty. The flower petals contains a powerful antiseptic that has been used for centuries on minor wounds. Make your own Easter Lily tincture with this simple recipe.

To make the tincture, take a handful of Easter Lily petals and rinse them thoroughly under warm running water. Lay lily petals flat on paper toweling so most of the water will be absorbed from them. When dry, finely chop the petals and place them in a small container that has a lid (a baby food jar works well for this recipe step). Pour rubbing alcohol over the chopped petals until they are completely covered. Place lid on container and allow mixture to sit and steep for two weeks at room temperature.

After two weeks, strain the liquid by pouring through a cheese cloth, then pour the strained tincture into a small spray bottle. Mist minor abrasions with the lily tincture as needed. Keep the lily tincture chilled by storing in the refrigerator for the added relief of minor abrasions.

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