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How To Get Persona Paper More Revenue And Consequently More Money For Writing!

I just had one of those moments...

I was reading an article by one of the members here and suddenly something popped to my attention...

I saw a new ad that wasn't here before. And normally it wouldn't startle me too much if it wasn't an extremely coincidental thing that the ad just happened to be for Alibaba (one of the Chinese websites similar to eBay), where I just happened to stumble upon a few days ago with this computer.

And it got me thinking...

The Ads Are Custom And Tailored To YOUR Own Past Browsing Activity... And Herein Lies The Possible Future Of Persona Paper

If the ad network that Persona is working with right now is connected to "Google Double-click" network (which I strongly think it is), then there's no reason to believe that the ads are much less sophisticated than Adsense ads themselves.

And they are self-optimizing to suit the advertisers as well as the recipients of the advertisements.

This means that:

- Ads that show no benefit for the advertisers begin to pay less and less and settle on some extremely low number over time

- Ads are initially rotated but if there are no clicks and, more importantly, sales from those clicks, they settle for the least paying general "brand building" ads and these bring very little money to the site displaying them. This is probably why there are the same ads showing over and over again and Persona Paper is getting paid very little for them.

Here's What We Can Do (I Think, But It's Worth To Try)

Since ads are displayed based on our browsing history, maybe what we should do, before going to Persona Paper every day, we should first browse one or more of the popular sites most likely to advertise on the ad networks.

This will trigger new ads from those sites. And if we browse for items we're interested in and might even consider buying, this can even become a win-win situation. The ads will pay more to Persona Paper, making it financially stronger and they will also be more personalized and perhaps even helpful for us, the readers.

The sites I identified this far that are doing such advertising, are:

- Amazon

- Walmart

- eBay

- Alibaba

- Lightinthebox

- Miniinthebox

It's probably also many other similar sites. If you identify them, please share them.

I'm off to check my favourite products on Alibaba now :)

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valmnz wrote on April 4, 2015, 6:51 PM

That sounds feasible but, for me here in New Zealand, the only one I'm likely to browse is ebay, the others don't mean anything here, I've never actually heard of them.

CalmGemini wrote on April 4, 2015, 10:13 PM

It is an Idea.I do not know much about these things.The sites I do browse are Amazon and eBay.Well,it is good of you to have shared this thought.

wolfgirl569 wrote on April 4, 2015, 11:07 PM

I shop online some and ave not seen too many ads here matching what I looked at yet. So not sure that will help.

bestwriter wrote on April 5, 2015, 1:21 AM

I see Ads not necessarily relating to what I surf about and those Ads could be the one's that earn for Persona.

scheng1 wrote on April 5, 2015, 2:18 AM

The only way to have consistent improvement is for the economy to improve. When economy is good, advertisers will bid high for the keywords, and we will get more earnings.

Alexandoy wrote on April 5, 2015, 8:42 PM

I guess this post is for the admin to contemplate on.

allen0187 wrote on April 5, 2015, 11:29 PM

Sounds like a plan to me. I think you are on to something. Perhaps, it is best that MaeLou or elitecodex comment on the feasibility of your plan and if it will work.

Kasman wrote on April 13, 2015, 3:33 PM

Mmmhh . . . interesting. The only two on your list I regularly use are Amazon and e-Bay. I shall experiment and see what happens.

KristinRavelle wrote on May 15, 2015, 9:27 PM

As I'm reading your post, I'm seeing ads based on something I was searching for about two hours ago and which are very strictly tailored to my own community here! I'll think about Amazon searches before logging on next time.