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Allergy test hurts ouch

Well last week i went for my first allergy test, i had no idea what to expect i thought he was going to just give me a shot and have me be on my way but nope turned out to be different i was going to do a Breathing treatment long with some allergy test and they hurt like heck i never so bad wanted to leave and scream at the same time because how it hurted. They poked my back with some prick thing about 50 times up and down and then they did about 15 shots in each one of my arms up n down. I Was so glad it was over that hurted so bad all i know is i never ever have to do it again and that i will find out what im allergic to. Well this week i finally got my results it seems im allergic to a few things nothing bad so i will be going in for my weekly shots for the next six weeks then going in once a month for my regular shots so now when im outside or around certain things i wont have a bad allergy attack. He said my breathing test was great but still wants me to use my inhaler. I Just wish they find other ways to test for allergys instead of dealing with that painful experience.

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