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Family Kwarta o Kahon - FBF Post

pretty cut and dry discussion here folks. what old game shows would you like to be relaunched again?
i was meaning to start this discussion about games shows in local tv when i came across a documentary about pepe pimentel. he was apopular game show host back in the day. i spent my sunday afternoons watching 'family kuwarta o kahon'. i don't recall how many times i had wanted my parents to bring me to the show so i can watch it live. one of my favorite games from the show was when two groups would be fighting over a rubber tire. that was very hilarious.
another favorite of mine was the yakult roleta (yakult is a drink similar to milk or nto reall. it is popular though here in the country. roleta translated in english is roulette or spinning wheel). the rules of the game were simple. the letters of the phrase 'yakult lactobacilla shirota strain' was spelled out in the wheel and the contestant was suppose to do was to pick out his letter of choice (just one and it has to be specified as in 'y' of 'yakult', first 'l' of 'lactobacilla', 't' of 'strain' and so on. you get the drift.) and then he gets to spin the wheel. if the wheel stops at the letter of choice, the contestant wins the prize. of course, i always remember the music that they play during this segment, tan-tan-tan tan-tan-tan tan-tan-tan-tan. if you know the music, you know what i'm talking about. the contestant will go ahead and half-say, half-sing, 'letter y ng yakult! letter y ng yakult!' through the tune of the music and this would come out like a mantra to solve all the problems of the world! i'm telling you folks, class a entertianment! class a bar none!!!
of course, the actual 'kwarta o kahon' (translated as money or box) segment is the main highlight of the whole show. it works similarly to the briefcases of deal or no deal. the contestants pick out a box and pepe pimentel goes in a bidding mode with the contestants about the amount of money they would exchange for the contents of the box. sometimes the contestants will stick with the contents of the box, other times, they would choose the cash. of course, not everyone goes home a winner, other times contestants will go for the apparent sure win and take the cash. others will take the risk and pick the contents of the box often times ending up with either vegetables (eggplants seems to be the popular choice back then) or a pair of rain boots. of course, the surprise doesn't stop there. these otherwise household items would in turn have more money hidden in these items, much, much more money than what was initially offered. my fondest memory was a flashlight having a thick wad of cash in the battery compartment and cash stapled under the canopy of an umbrella. fond and fun memories!!! anyway, i really wish that 'kwarta o kahon' gets an upgraded version and is shown again locally.
how about you my fellow PPers, what defunct tv game shows do you want to see shown again?
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MegL wrote on April 3, 2015, 2:40 AM

We used to have similar shows over here. They were something I enjoyed as a child but I don't think I would want to watch them now.

Dragonfairy1 wrote on April 3, 2015, 7:39 AM

I don't know in the past I would have said things like catchphrase, but now it's back I don't watch it lol, maybe 321 with dusty bin I loved that show.

allen0187 wrote on April 3, 2015, 8:26 PM

Well, perhaps, your tastes have changed through the years MegL .

allen0187 wrote on April 3, 2015, 8:27 PM

Surely, there must be one &AbbyG . Well, if you can't think of any, no worries!

allen0187 wrote on April 3, 2015, 8:27 PM

I have to look up those shows Dragonfairy1 . Thanks for commenting!

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