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Been awhile since I churned out a . So here goes one for . I know, I know... I need to work on thinking up better post titles. Clarity, interesting, attention grabbing... you know the drill. I'm a work in progress. Plus, I'll leave the title wizardry and genius to others.

On to the post...


Spent last night watching Jack Black and Miranda 'I Carly' Cosgrove in 'The School of Rock'. I swear this movie never grows old!!!

Miranda Cosgrove was so young then along with the other children cast members. Jack Black was Jack Black. LOL! How long has it been? More than ten years. Gosh! How time flies...

Curious thing I also find is that the two lead stars are named Black and White. Jack Black and Mike White... that is so cool!!!


Speaking of school, do you remember some famous lines in school?

My dog ate my homework. Go to detention. I was absent yesterday because...

My favorite though was... Let's cut class!!!

Under no circumstances am I endorsing missing classes... LOL!!!


Why be in a relationship...

Fill free to fill in the rest of the sentence. I was talking to my female friend (yes, the same one I spent my vacation with at Villa Escudero) earlier and this topic came up. For the life of me, I can't think why I though of Donald Sterling - the former owner of the NBA team Los Angeles Clippers who got caught up in a controversy a season ago...

Why be in a relationship with a girl that would secretly record your racist remarks?


That's about it for me. Have a great day everyone!


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