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Short Story, I'll Go First

Elijah and Kyle approached the solitary tree house. It had only been a few minutes since Elijah had left to go recruit his cousin Kyle, but at this point that seemed like eons ago. "This is the spot," Elijah said. Kyle looked at the tree house contemplatively as Elijah told the story. "Adam and I were playing in that tree house when Kaiden, and her no good, soul steeling, "freckle assassin kids" showed up. They zeroed in on Adam, and started saying the most stupid things to your brother. I love your smile one said, while another commented on how cute he was. I could hardly stand it Kyle" The look of discuss shown visitable on Kyles face. Elijah continued, "the freckle assassin kids then booted me from the club house, claiming that the tree house now belongs to them, and Adam is part of their tree house take over." Kyle looked towards Elijah in confusion. "I know" stated Elijah excitedly. "He does not even have freckles, how can he be part of the freckle assassins?" In a calm pointed voice Kyle responded, "exactly." "What do you say Kyle, what is the plan?" Elijah questioned his older cousin with anticipation. "No man gets left behind" Kyle Responded. "We must rescue my brother." Kyle squat down in the sand and began to draw with his finger. Elijah sat next to him allowing him to think. In deep thought Kyle asked, "how many?" "6" stated Elijah in a defeated tone. Kyle sighed. "I do not think I will be able to take on more then 4 of the freckle assassins. Not to mention there is no way to know how powerful they have become. As we know, they get more powerful with each soul consumed." "What if we can create a distraction." Elijah posed. He continued, "if we can distract a few of them before me and you enter, then you can engage the others, and I can free Adam." "Hmm, this could work" stated Kyle. "So now all we need to think about is how to distract them" stated Elijah calmly. "I got it" Shouted Kyle. "Shhh, they will hear you" warned Elijah. Whispering, Kyle continued, "what if we got Isaac to help? He is young, but his baby acne may fool the freckle assassins to think he is one of them." "I don't like putting Isaac in danger" Elijah admitted, "but if we don't, Adam remains lost." With a heavy heart Elijah conceited, "It is the only way." Hesitantly, Isaac approached the door to the tree house. He turned back only once, and with his brothers' assurance he pressed on. Isaac knocked on the door. "Freckle freckles are the best" came a voice from inside. "Freckle assassins above the rest" responded Isaac. The doors opened at once. "They went for it" whispered Kyle. Inside the tree house the freckle assassin kids surrounded Isaac in the corner, "Who recruited you" exclaimed Kaiden. Before he could answer kyle kicked in the door and rushed the group. Elijah snuck to the back and untied Adam, and they both started running for the door. In the confusion Isaac has slipped away from the group. The Freckle Face Assassins were disoriented, and did not know what was happening. "Run, and don't look back" shouted Kyle. Elijah, Adam, and Isaac obeyed and ran out of the tree house. Kyle followed soon after. The four sat a short distance away in the sand looking on to the tree house. "We have lost the tree house for the day" Exclaimed Elijah "but we are still one, and alive to continue this battle another day.

This short story was written by me, the main characters are my grand kids, who are always playing pretend on the playground in this particular tree house. I hope they like it.

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johnmariow wrote on April 1, 2015, 12:34 AM

Very creative. Reminds me of a character in the movie 'The Magic of Belle Isle who told an aspiring young writer, "Look down any street and write about what you don't see."

Deema wrote on April 12, 2015, 6:11 PM

Wow your grandkids are so lucky. This was a delightful read, it got me thinking about Huckleberry Finn for some reason!